YUNNAN FlYING Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd is located in Kunming,Yunnan,China. Where spring all year round and the fresh cut flower planting area and output rank first in the world, supplying 81.3% of domestic market. YUNNAN FLYING is based on its unique resource advantages. As a manufacturer and trade integration company has long been rooted in the preserved flower industry in Yunnan. YUNNAN FLYING have strong preserved flower supply chain integration ability and with full industrial chain network, high-tech planting base, Large-scale preserved flower Factory , and have the able to take on large OEM orders.

YUNNAN FLYING focuses on improving quality, quality control, and reducing costs and product innovation, logistics support, etc. The company values the customer experience and has a complete management system.Warmly welcome all kinds of buyers to negotiate, visit and exchange.

Product Catalogue

preserved flowers gift in glass
preserved flowers gift in box
6-7&7-8&10cm preserved flower head
2-3&3-4&4-5cm preserved flower head